I Preached To Old People Today!

I Preached To Old People Today!


Seriously though, today was something else. I was asked to help with the care team at my church a little while back, to help preach sermons to the residents at a nursing home.

I felt honored at first but then really charged with what Scripture says of His Shepards and what was impressed upon me what should be done, to preach effecctively[1]. I also feel like there's a whole lot more to it than what I've marked for footnotes here. I've read through a lot of scripture on this topic and as I understand it, there's a lot at stake. God expects more from his Shepards - As they're held to a much higher standard in his eyes because of what they do.

Me being me, I didn't feel like I was (or still am) worthy of having this sort of honor bcause of my past and because of where I'm currently at in my walk. I read the Bible everyday and I teach/read scripture to my children everyday. I've been doing this for a while now. However, I wish I knew more about God's word (the Bible). I also haven't always been the greatest of witnesses for Christ along the way.

I came to Christ in April of 2005, but didn't really get serious about my walk with God till around 2008. Even then I wouldn't really consider myself truly obidient untill sometime in laste 2016, toward the end of the year. More and more God has revelaed Himself to me but I feel like I am still in that "learning Phase".

Therefore, in my mind, being able to preach - let alone, being labeled "preacher" is something that I am unable to Pleroo (see this post about that!). Nonetheless, I've always heard: "The fact that you think that you are 'totally unworthy' shows that you are in fact ready to be used by God."

  1. Expository Preaching ↩︎