Bible Study 📖 Week 20

Bible Study 📖 Week 20

Week 20 - "Tetzaveh" (תְּצַוֶּה‬, Hebrew for "you command")

[Torah Portion]
Exodus 27:20-30:10

Comments about this week's Torah Portion

This week's Torah portion was really interesting. To me it shows 2 main things. One being that God really wants to be with us. What I mean by that is he wants to physically dwell among us but, that presents a problem. The other thing I noticed is that God is extremely specific in how he gives instructions. What I mean by that is, there is always a reason why God says what he says.

Whenever you see the Bible say "The Lord spoke and said" or, "Thus saith the lord..." or, "God gave these Instructions..." or anything like that, that should prime us to put on our thinking caps and pay close attention to whatever God is saying. We should also try to understand, why God said what he said. If taking what he said at face value is fine for you, and you do it (where hermeneutics are correctly applied) that's great!

However if you're like most people, it's good to seek out the truth for the reasons as to why God specified the thing he said in such a way. Just to preface, I might be wrong about this, but as I understand it; the colors of the thread God instructed them to use for the Levite Priestly garments were blue, purple and scarlet (and gold in a couple of special cases). Blue=the sky (or heavens where he dwelt), Purple=roalty (they were representatives of his kingdom), Scarlet=blood (the life force). Each of them have a symbolically signifigant meaning and that's why he gave them such specific instructions. From how they are to be assembled, right down to the color of what the materials should be.

[Prophets - Haftarah]
1 Samuel 15:2-34;
Isaiah 9:6,7; 60:19,20;
Ezekiel 28:11-19; 43:10-27; 44:9-18

Comments about this week's Haftarah Portion

There is a huge precedence set for the instructions that God give his Priests. In each of the portions of the Haftarah, there are again, really specific details given to the Preists and the Prophets he chose and the reasons for why he chose them.

This week, the theme is how God does have a right way and a wrong way to be approached, honored and obeyed. He is God and we are not. Like any sovereign ruler or King, there are Laws for how His people, who say that are (or that want to be) a part of His Kingdom, are expected to behave. Again, there are specific details given directly from the LORD.

To be entirely honest, I'm not sure if I really understand the significance of what the details given in Ezekiel mean exactly. They were sort of the same as what was given to his Priests in Exodus but slightly differnt. Which I'm not entirely sure if I'm ready to recieve just yet but, I will continue to Study and when the time comes for me to understand, I am certain that the holy spirit will give revalation.

[New Testament - Brit Hadasha]
Romans 12:1-13:14;
Philippians 4:4-20;
Revelation 21:16-27

Comments about this week's portion from the Brit Hadasha

This portion was an excellent way to close out the teaching. Showing us such beautiful immagery of what lies in store for us, in His Kingdom to come. After Jesus Messiah ressurects us from the dead. Amen, Amen and Amen!